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The newest portrait in Disney's Dream Portraits ad series features Jessica Chastain as Merida from Brave. It's beautiful! Buy Disney, just kidding! -/Film Sherlock's executive producer Steven…   Read Story »
A sport's guy put a bird on it for Carrie Brownstein! -PopCultureBrain I've had it past my head with Downton Abbey mashups and Internet things, because, to be honest, my normal level of feeling…   Read Story »
Bryan Cranston wore Breaking Bad sneakers to the Independent Spirit Awards because Bryan Cranston is the best. I can't believe how long it is until Breaking Bad comes on again! You guys! It's not…   Read Story »
It's here! The annual "Hollywood" issue of Vanity Fair! Each year, Vanity Fair publishes 4 issues with Johnny Depp on the cover, 6 issues with John F. Kennedy Jr. on the cover, one Royal Family…   Read Story »