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Kelly: Hey, Gabe! Gabe: hi kelly Gabe: how are you? Kelly: Fine, enjoying a wonderful rainy day. How are you? Gabe: i'm sick Gabe: but otherwise i'm fine Gabe: 1. sick, 2. fine Gabe: in that…   Read Story »
Have you ever watched American Pickers? It's a show on some channel where two guys go around to people who are selling things and sometimes they buy the things if they think they can sell them for a…   Read Story »
Hey so remember yesterday when we were all so grossed out about those people on the Dutch TV show eating each other? Well, apparently it was all a HOAX! To raise awareness for organ donation? What?…   Read Story »
The A-Team trailer, you guys. (A bootlegged copy leaked on-line a few weeks ago, but I waited to post the good version, because your eyes are worth it!) Whoa. I'm sure (I'm not sure) there will be…   Read Story »
Valentine's Day is a romantic comedy about Valentine's Day, coming out next Valentine's Day. It's actually kind of weird that it will not be until the year 2010 that someone makes a romantic comedy…   Read Story »
After Jessica Biel finished up her morning Bikram yoga in her private roof-deck yoga studio, she kissed her yoga instructor on both cheeks and sent her off in a chartered helicopter. She made her way…   Read Story »
Whose idea was it to make the Striptease remake Powder Blue, and to let Access Hollywood take us behind the scenes of Jessica Biel's stripping-practice in a cluttered garage? Not sexy: "She…   Read Story »
The Rock is not a terrible comic actor, but SNL seems to think that the funniest thing about The Rock is dressing The Rock up in girly clothes and making him sing and dance. You know, because he's a…   Read Story »
Our campaign promise to you is that after November 4th, no more of these unbearable celebrity get out the vote ads. CHANGE YOU CAN BARF ON. See what he did there? You give your girlfriend the box…   Read Story »
Actress Jessica Biel entered the blogopolis yesterday (via JustJared), regaling MySpace with her hilarious insights into the totally relatable experience of sitting in your trailer between scenes and…   Read Story »