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Valentine's Day is a romantic comedy about Valentine's Day, coming out next Valentine's Day. It's actually kind of weird that it will not be until the year 2010 that someone makes a romantic comedy…   Read Story »
Jessica Alba stood in a business plaza in downtown Chicago dressed in cargo pants and a bikini top holding a burlap sack. She wore a baseball hat pulled down low and sunglasses to be "incognito,"…   Read Story »
According to TMZ, Jessica Alba is in some trouble because some photos have surfaced of her putting up shark posters? Around Oklahoma City? Late at night? To increase awareness about great white…   Read Story »
Last night's special SuperBowl episode of The Office was typically-for-this-season medium-funny, but the subplot that involved Pam, Jim, and Andy watching a pirated upcoming movie, "Mrs. Albert…   Read Story »
Jessica Alba has finally broken her legendary silence via her MySpace blog, and she wants to clear some things up, you guys: I want to clear some things up that have been bothering me lately. I find…   Read Story »
Yesterday, I posited that a print ad featuring Jessica Alba in a Hannibal Lecter mask in an effort to encourage voter registration was the scientifically proven least effective means of political…   Read Story »
In this Certified Random YouTube clip, a bearded man wishes "congradulations" to Jessica Alba and Cash Warren on the birth this weekend of their daughter, Honor Marie. At first it seems like this guy…   Read Story »
Jessica Alba, the actress most famous for [Ed. Note: FIND A REASON JESSICA ALBA IS FAMOUS] married the father of her gestating child, Cash Warren, in a quiet, private ceremony this weekend. They met…   Read Story »
In order to help promote her boyfriend Cash Warren's new startup venture, IBeatYou, Jessica Alba is competing in an online staring competition? And wins? (via People) This offers so many more…   Read Story »