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Hey! Remember during Tracy Morgangate last week how I told that story about Jo Koy telling the exact same miserable joke and being a jerk? Well, now look.Oh jeez. Come on, jerks! Go to bed!   Read Story »
Obviously (OBVIOUSLY), because this video is about prom and because this video is for sophomore bitches, it contains some NSFW language, so headphones up, or WHATEVERRRR: I think the most…   Read Story »
After the jump, you can (and should) watch the trailer for a new documentary called The Bully Project about the bullying crisis in America. I think it goes without saying that I HATE BULLIES. Sorry…   Read Story »
Your crosswalk is a real jerk. Fuck you, too, crosswalk.   Read Story »
The Blue Collar Comedy Tour is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary. Congrats, guys! I made you this card in celebration: You know you're a redneck when you won't shut up and just go home…   Read Story »
I saw a picture of Audrey Tatou this morning because she's in a new music video or something, and for a second I wondered if secretly she is a jerk. I'm not saying that Audrey Tatou is a jerk, I'm…   Read Story »
I don't know what it is about the Sundance Film Festival, which started last Thursday and runs through this coming Sunday, but man, that place is teeming with jerks. I mean, I know that this is…   Read Story »
It's not unusual in a relationship for one person in the relationship to not get along with the other's friends as much as the other person in the relationship might like. And sure, it can be…   Read Story »
Teva has hired Gavin McInnes (formerly of Vice magazine, currently of StreetCarnage) to make "viral videos" for them, like this "viral video": Nice try. Gavin McInnes is a jerk, and Tevas are…   Read Story »