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Dear Entourage fans, The cast and crew at Entourage would like you to know that we will never stop regurgitating lukewarm rehashes of the first season of our show. Here we are, five years later, and…   Read Story »
Remember when Jeremy Piven was in that play in New York but then he quit suddenly, obviously because he just didn't feel like doing it anymore, but claimed that it was because he ate too much sushi?…   Read Story »
The new season of Entourage premieres on HBO Sunday, July 12th, but I'm going to save us all the headache right now with this SPOILER filled plot summary of the entire season. Vince goes to work on…   Read Story »
Let me take you to trailer school for a second. Red band trailers are a relatively new phenomenon, born of Hollywood's desire to capitalize on the early buzz of the lawless internet. Because there…   Read Story »
Remember when Jeremy Piven backed out of the Broadway play he was in because he claimed that there was too much mercury in his bloodstream because he ate too much sushi? Surely you remember this. It…   Read Story »
Vincent Chase is an asshole. Yes. Duh. But last night's season finale provided an unmitigated look at what a shithead this guy is. First, there's the historical precedent of being such an asshole.…   Read Story »
Barack Obama's chief of staff is Rahm Emanuel. Rahm Emanuel's brother is Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel. Ari Emanuel represents Tina Fey. In 2004, Tina Fey made a joke about president Abraham…   Read Story »
If this show was a physical reaction to stimulus (or lack thereof), it would be the sensation of pins and needles in a limb that has fallen asleep. If it was a state of being it would be "drowsy." Do…   Read Story »
We've already addressed some of Entourage's main problems. Like the problem of how there's no actual dramatic tension, and the problem of how it's treading lukewarm water, and the problem of how it's…   Read Story »
As predicted a couple of weeks ago, we've finally gotten our #2 plotline (of the 4 possible Entourage plot structures). This is the narrative turn in which all of Vince's lazy anti-ambition finally…   Read Story »