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I cannot stress this enough: you are a fool if you miss this month's Mr. Coconuts. A FOOL! As if we need any more fools around here. All we have is fools: Gabe Liedman, Jenny Slate, Max Silvestri,…   Read Story »
2011 ends with a celebration of fun and friendship at the December installment of Mr. Coconuts featuring all of your favorites: Max Silvestri, Gabe Liedman, Jenny Slate, and Joe Mande. All joking…   Read Story »
Here is a video of a math teacher giving a presentation about Thanksgiving. You know, MATH? Thanksgiving math? Anyway, it's the best presentation ever given, even though I don't understand why it is…   Read Story »
It has been over a year since Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer Camp made the first Marcel the Shell with Shoes On video, which is one year too many! MORE PLEASE. (Well, in their defense, they have been…   Read Story »
Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate put out a new episode of Bestie by Bestie and it's perfect, just like all of the other episodes of Bestie by Bestie. -BxB Uproxx is trying to tell us that the…   Read Story »
Jezebel has a few pages from the upcoming Marcel the Shell book and an interview with authors Jenny Slate and Dean Fleisher-Camp. It's all beautiful, go look!   Read Story »
I could watch these guys be friends with the PHONE BOOK. This guy knows what I'm talking about. Another episode of Bestie x Bestie after the jump: Gabe and Jenny are National Treasures.   Read Story »
For the record, Precious definitely farted and no one has any idea what Jenny even thinks she is talking about here.   Read Story »
They should change the name of this thing to YES PLEASE by YES PLEASE!   Read Story »