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By now, we have all seen at least one picture of Jon Hamm's giant penis inside of his pants. Right? Or is that a normal size penis? UH OH! BUSTED! I have no idea. Wait, yo, real quick, how big is…   Read Story »
It was difficult to predict how Friends With Kids would turn out. The cast was made up entirely of actors who have each proven their comedic, dramatic, and nice-to-look-at abilities, but paired with…   Read Story »
Did you watch TV Guide's Golden Globe red carpet coverage starring Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone? Just kidding. But they did interview Jon Hamm of Golden Globe-winning show Mad Men, who remained calm…   Read Story »
The Gap's holiday ads are out, including a smiley, goofy Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westphelt, but nobody will ever beat Amy Poehler and Will Arnett's 2007 "It's okay when they do it" Gap holiday ad for…   Read Story »