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What the fuck is going on?! We turn our backs for two seconds, minding our own god damn business for once in our lives, and Jennifer Aniston goes and gets a Brazilian blowout to which her hair badly…   Read Story »
First official Transformers 4: The Age Of Extinction cast photo, y'all! What are they thinking?! "I know there are robots around here someplace." -FilmDrunk Jennifer Lawrence has a secret cameo in…   Read Story »
I know talking about the ad campaigns of young starlets is the direct route to Snoozeville, but, ah, uh, Jennifer Lawrence's new Dior campaign is very beautiful, so, I don't know, maybe you want to…   Read Story »
You cannot get two steps into the Internet today without seeing images from last night's Met Gala. You can't even get two steps into Videogum without seeing an image from it, but I guess that's just…   Read Story »
I know everyone hates hearing about everyone else's dreams. I know, I know, I know. But, you know, everyone loves talking about their own dreams. And really I feel like everyone hates hearing about…   Read Story »
Walk into the club I'm like what up I got a big pogs! It's been awhile since I rapped at you kids who I am going to say that I treat like adults even though I really still treat you almost…   Read Story »
Oh my goodness am I glad it's Friday! This gives TGIF a whole new meaning! (From Thank GIF to Thank God It's Friday.) Before we hurry off into our weekends that are apparently going to be very snowy…   Read Story »
So, I finally watched Silver Linings Playbook this week. I know, it's very amazing of me. Such incredible news, for sure. But OK, hey, you were right, America, that movie is great! I enjoyed it very…   Read Story »
I'm sure it is incredibly difficult to be someone in the public eye whose thoughts, shared during interviews, sometimes get taken out of context or skewed by the writer. I'm sure it's even hard just…   Read Story »
Want to see what some TV shows would look like without their special effects? SPOILER: Lots of people and stuff in front of green. Hope you didn't read that spoiler if you didn't want to know, you…   Read Story »