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Guys, when you are doing a web-search for Jennifer Aniston, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. While it's true that Jennifer Aniston is not the most dangerous person to do a web-search for, she is the third most…   Read Story »
Jennifer Aniston is an American actress. You may know her from her portrayal of a woman on the hit television series, Friends. She has also appeared in cinema, such as and also in addition to…   Read Story »
Check your period calendars, ladies, because September 18 is gonna be a great day to cry. Love Happens, Jennifer Aniston's and Aaron Eckhart's rom-tragi-com about sad people who bump into each other…   Read Story »
This is the movie poster for Jennifer Aniston's new romantic comedy, Management. Between this poster and the trailer, it seems to be a movie about the age old story of butt touching. (Oh great,…   Read Story »
There's a new trailer for Jennifer Aniston's quirky romantic comedy, Management. I like Jennifer Aniston, but not really when she tries to play normal regular people (except in Friends With Money).…   Read Story »
Minus too-cool-for-school Jennifer Aniston and Ron Livingston, OF COURSE. Our favorite part of this report from the reunion is the part where they all talk about how they were all on drugs during the…   Read Story »
So as mentioned in Friday's Friday Fight, I really did attend a sold-out screening of #1 movie in the country He's Just Not That Into You with seven female friends, one reluctant male friend, and…   Read Story »
This is a video in which Justin Long, Bradley Cooper, and Kevin Connolly try to convince dudes to see their movie He's Just Not That Into You by acting out the chick flick cliches that the movie does…   Read Story »
Jennifer Aniston made a rare appearance on Letterman last night, and the question was: Would the cranky host be nice to her? Well, sort of. Dave wasn't exactly mean, but it seemed like he did…   Read Story »
Citizen Marketing is where we catalog our favorite baby-Banksy agit-prop defacements of public advertising campaigns. Please send your own Citizen Marketing to THE REVOLUTION WILL…   Read Story »