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This girl can sneeze with her eyes open and she took a video of herself doing it and it is very strange. The method she uses to get herself to sneeze is ALSO very strange. The whole thing is strange.…   Read Story »
Last night on Gossip Girl, Serena leaked a false story to Deadline that screwed Dan out of getting his best-selling novel adapted by Harvey Weinstein, LONG STORY. And today Ms. Deadline thanked them…   Read Story »
Please watch Alison Brie and Dani Pudi's video for the song they wrote that is my favorite song of all time. -Dan Eckman Oh and speaking of, here's your first look at the next season of Community!…   Read Story »
Why the 21 Jump Street remake will receive an R rating, with a very interesting and VERY real quote from Channing Tatum on the subject. -Film Drunk A guy returns to the gym for the first time after…   Read Story »
Apparently Michael Jackson never actually sang to Lisa on The Simpsons? Did everyone else know this? Uggh, world! -BuzzFeed Jared Padalecki hints at possible Gilmore Girls movie!!! Which is a lie,…   Read Story »
Paul Reubens discusses the status of his Pee Wee Herman screenplay for Judd Apatow and being nominated for an Emmy. I love you, Pee Wee. -THR This is just a very cute little thing to have on the…   Read Story »
What a whirlwind of emotion this trailer is. I think somebody deep inside big Hollywood is intentionally trying to combine things I love and things I hate to create an island of Dr. Moreau style…   Read Story »
You know, for a place (the Internet) that fancies itself to have no rules and be run by the people, the Internet sure seems to mostly be a very predictable system of self-referential Jay Leno-caliber…   Read Story »
As someone who genuinely loves a good feud ("RIP EACH OTHER'S FACES OFF WITH YOUR MOUTH!" -- Gabe), especially a good Coconut O'Reilly feud, because he really lays it all out on the banana line, I…   Read Story »
The Bounty Hunter trailer, you guys: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA I LIKE WHEN HE PUT A HUMAN BEING IN THE TRUNK OF A CAR! This movie just looks really great. Very smart. Very interesting. Lots of great…   Read Story »