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This weekend, some lonely old hag no one wants was proposed to by Justin Theroux and accepted, probably just to make Brad Pitt jealous. But what does Angelina think?! The world waits! #RIP…   Read Story »
To tell you the truth, the Jennifer Aniston VS. Angelina Jolie one-sided feud is my favorite tabloid-fueled feud, possible EVER. "Really? How did you manage to pick a favorite when they're all so…   Read Story »
We all wonder what Joey's been up to these days. We all wonder if Ross ever got the respect he deserved from Phoebe for being a paleontologist, and if Monica and Chandler's children inherited…   Read Story »
Vanity Fair has an extensive oral history of Friends that you can currently read on-line. It's mostly a behind-the-scenes look at how former president of NBC Warren Littlefield and Jennifer Aniston…   Read Story »
There's going to be a Between Two Ferns special on TV before the Comedy Awards! -PopCultureBrain This is a video of a 40 pound cat, which doesn't sound like too heavy to me, but my goodness, wait…   Read Story »
Before Peter Dinklage was Mr. Thrones, he was "Wake Up Guy" on Seinfeld. It's very easy to tell that it's him because not-famous Peter Dinklage he has the same voice as Famous Peter Dinklage. Now you…   Read Story »
Though she has "forgotten complete episodes that we shot, so there's times [she] watch[es] it just as if [she's] watching for the first time." If only we could all be so lucky. END OF NEWS REPORT!   Read Story »
Yesterday, we all gathered together to congratulate Jennifer Aniston on her brand new "Walk of Fame" star. (That she had to pay $30,000 for, because everyone who accepts one of those stars has to pay…   Read Story »
Today is a big day for all of us. Jennifer Aniston, best known for her roles in The Break Up, Just Go With It, Marley & Me, and Horrible Bosses, has finally gotten her star on Hollywood's "Walk of…   Read Story »
Jon Hamm gave a few more hints about the next season of Mad Men in this interview that you can read right now! Will he stay with that secretary and never sleep with another woman again? Will his kids…   Read Story »