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Diane Sawyer, the prettiest lady on TV, appeared on Good Morning America yesterday after an inauguration night filled with what appears to have been drinking. Either way, she was slurry, and a Gawker…   Read Story »
Recently, I was hanging out a a friend's house when someone mentioned Jeff Goldblum, so I launched into my best "Jeff Goldblum Drunk" impression, based on the totally inspired video meme. And…   Read Story »
I have actually seen this week's movie, Powder, before. In fact, I've seen it multiple times. When I was in college, back in 1963, the dorms had a closed circuit movie channel that came with your…   Read Story »
Jeff Goldblum is joining the cast of Law And Order: The One Where They Read Minds, I Think: Jeff is one of the most exciting actors around and is a perfect addition to the 'Law & Order: Criminal…   Read Story »