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After the jump, watch a preview clip from an upcoming educational cartoon about becoming a businessman starring Jay-Z and Warren Buffet. Neat! (The video is set to start playing automatically so…   Read Story »
What happens when two Lifestyle Website Entrepreneurs interview each other? The universe opens up and swallows us all, finally collapsing on itself and suffocating all of existence into a forgotten…   Read Story »
Jay-Z has launched his own Goop-like "lifestyle website." THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE?   Read Story »
I think it's fair to say at this point that Jay-Z is the black George Clooney (WAIT, before you say ANYTHING, it's equally fair to say at this point that George Clooney is the white Jay-Z), which is…   Read Story »
While visiting Jay-Z's mom (you know how it is, when you have to go visit Jay-Z's mom) in West Orange, New Jersey , Beyonce crashed a block party. You guys, we are going to the wrong block…   Read Story »
This is a photo of Jay-Z hugging Gwyneth Paltrow. I'm not sure when it was taken, where it was taken, or why they are hugging. Obviously, they're somewhere nice, which is almost always the case when…   Read Story »
So, that was a great episode of Saturday Night Live. The show's host, an American actress named Betty White, was sharp and spry for an 88-and-a-half-year-old woman. She was also very game, willing,…   Read Story »
Well, the promos for this weekend's Saturday Night Live hosted by Betty White are out and they are...cute! Right? Cute. When she was your age milk was delivered to your door each morning in…   Read Story »
A 15-minute vodka advertisement documentary about Jay-Z, following him around as he prepared for his September 11th benefit show at Madison Square Garden, was put on-line today called NY-Z. It's…   Read Story »
Is it just me, or does the video for "Empire State of Mind" seem like those American Express ads from a couple of years ago? Low APR is the gulliest!   Read Story »