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Billy Eichner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to give all of us a wonderful early Christmas gift: he and Amy Pohler running around the streets of New York, forcing strangers to sing carols…   Read Story »
Dave Itzkoff and the New York Times have a great oral history of Saturday Night Live up today, featuring twenty-two cast members talking about the audition process. It's great. (And here is Fred…   Read Story »
Here is a list of 18 Mad Men anachronisms for you to look over. It mostly only makes me feel exhausted for everyone who works on keeping out anachronisms in any capacity on this show. "That tie…   Read Story »
Here at Videogum, we are dedicated to bringing you ALL of the important, possibly fake news from inside the private relationship of actor Jason Segel and actress Michelle Williams as told to gossip…   Read Story »
We've been on top of the Michelle Williams/Jason Segel love beat since they were first spotted holding hands at a movie premiere in April, so you might assume that we'd be impervious to the…   Read Story »
URGENT! URGENT! URGENT! URGENT! Drop everything you're doing right now and let it fall to the floor and shatter like your head is going to do in about five seconds when I give you this update…   Read Story »
Hillary Clinton wrote a polite letter to Jason Segel, and here it is! "Dear Jason Segel: Is Michelle Williams as beautiful in real life as she is on-screen? I'm sure the answer is yes, but I just…   Read Story »
I know it's Friday, and on Fridays we sometimes feel a little bit distant from our normal work schedules, and our normal news cycles, and our normal state of being ready to hear some intense gossip.…   Read Story »
I finally watched the new Jason Segel Muppets movie over the weekend. "But Gabe, that movie came out months ago. It's simply not topical!" Well what do you want to talk about, DEMI MOORE'S NEW…   Read Story »
Uhhh, I think you should check on your boyfriend, Ryan Gosling. It looks like something is wrong. Let him know I say hi! -Ain'tItCool Here is an interview with Eugene Mirman. Speaking of, have you…   Read Story »