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In a story on The Muppets for The Hollywood Reporter, Frank Oz, best known as the voice of Ms. Piggy, said he doesn't think the movie "respects the characters." (No word on how he feels about this…   Read Story »
If you thought it was difficult before, it's now almost IMPOSSIBLE to tell which one is Turtle and which one is Gabe. -BWE Mad Men is streaming on Netflix right now! -Netflix WTF is going on with…   Read Story »
I'm not really sure what is up with these trailers, but this doesn't change what I said before: YES.   Read Story »
First of all, YES, obviously. "One adult for the movie with the felt toys in it, please." We are all going to see this and that's the end of that. But I do wish Amy Adams's character was going to be…   Read Story »