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Charo did her signature cuchi-cuchi in a Beverly Hills parking lot yesterday. Lucky for us, there's a photo series! Cuchi cuchi! -Dlisted Amanda Seyfried performed the first verse of “California…   Read Story »
Tonight in LA, Jason Reitman is staging a reading of The Breakfast Club and I hate every who gets to go to it. Mindy Kaling is Ally Sheedy! J.K. Simmons is the janitor! AARON PAUL is Judd Nelson!…   Read Story »
Up in the Air trailer, you guys: I never read Walter Kirn's book when it came out, because the story of a businessman who's like some kind of Sonic the Hedgehog of frequent flyer miles (i.e. he is…   Read Story »
This month marks the one year anniversary of Diablo Cody's Academy Award-winning film, Juno starring Ellen Page as a sardonic high schooler who gets pregnant by Michael Cera and decides to carry the…   Read Story » has an exclusive set of deleted scenes from Juno's upcoming DVD release. It features writer Diablo Cody and director Jason Reitman commenting on the scenes, and it's not bad, but I bet…   Read Story »