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[Alex Blagg, formerly of Best Week Ever blog and Blagg Blogg Dot Com will be bringing his wit, wisdom, and love of skinny ties to this season of Mad Men.] You know what they say: Behind every Mad…   Read Story »
[Ed. note: Over the next few weeks, Videogum will be introducing our stable of new freelance writers covering some of your favorite shows. Today, I am extremely excited to announce that this season…   Read Story »
I'm almost done with season one of Mad Men (are you doing your homework?). In celebration, here's an interview of January Jones by...Jack Nicholson? My friend Max says: "Tons of tension. Editor must…   Read Story »
Yesterday in a round table discussion with other showrunners, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner complained about people on the internet spoiling the plot points of his show. As if in response, today the…   Read Story »
Lest we forget that the third season of Mad Men begins this summer (supposedly August 16th), AMC has started running this new promo featuring prominent, salacious moments from Season 2. Even the…   Read Story »
The Mad Men finale happened, and after weeks of tension, Grand Gesture-Watch '62 finally came to an end. What a long, strange, long, long, too long, too many awkward pauses trip it's been. The soap…   Read Story »
This isn't a recap, because it's too late for a recap, but this was the most "whoa"-worthy moment of Sunday's confounding episode of Mad Men: suddenly, Betty Draper has stopped wandering around…   Read Story »
Well, we couldn't expect another hour of total excitement after last week's tension-breaking catharsisfest, could we? It's back to the slow building, building, building. You know what I do while I…   Read Story »
I don't know if Marilyn Monroe had to go ahead and die, or if someone had to pee their pants or WHAT, but last night's Mad Men was not only the best episode so far, it was like they got a new writer…   Read Story »