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And so, after a year and a half hiatus, last night was the season 5 premiere of Mad Men. ZOOBIE ZOOBIE ZOO, indeed. We got to see Don's new apartment, and black people, and Joan's secret love baby,…   Read Story »
Here is a video of a math teacher giving a presentation about Thanksgiving. You know, MATH? Thanksgiving math? Anyway, it's the best presentation ever given, even though I don't understand why it is…   Read Story »
Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate put out a new episode of Bestie by Bestie and it's perfect, just like all of the other episodes of Bestie by Bestie. -BxB Uproxx is trying to tell us that the…   Read Story »
What a week! First, our hero Ryan Gosling stopped a fight. THEN, there was an earthquake for some of us. THEN! Jim Carrey was so gross! AND NOW! Some of us are going to at least be rained on a lot!…   Read Story »
Bennifer (right?) is having another Bennifer Baby. Congratulations to the happy couple. Remember how Jennifer Garner says "baby" in Juno? "Hello bay-beee." Ugh that is the worst part of Juno.…   Read Story »
January Jones has always been pretty questionable. Like, she's good on Mad Men, I guess, and she's very good at HAVING A NICE FACE. But she was awful on Saturday Night Live and even worse in X-Men:…   Read Story »
Damon Lindelof, creator of Lost, said some accurate things about January Jones. -The Superficial The new summer Top Chef jam of 2011. -Bravo Seven historical figures and their celebrity…   Read Story »
There is a very specific type of disappointment that you only get with big budget summer movies. It's not crushing or anything, it barely even registers as disappointment. It's just this vague,…   Read Story »
Guys, I just tried to create a Videogum Facebook Group on the Videogum Facebook Page for the Videogum Movie Club but it didn't work because I guess only "people" can create Groups, not "fictional…   Read Story »
SCANDAL: January Jones is pregnant and no one knows who the father is. Remember that time she crashed her car and called Bobby Flay? File Under: MOM.   Read Story »