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Dave Hill is the most recent participant in Vulture's ongoing "Pop Culture Memory Lane" video series, and in the video he talks about a gross thing that is very gross and I think you are going to…   Read Story »
There has been a lot of talk on the Internet today about Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey's Dowager Countess) leaving Downton Abbey after the third season, but it turns out that was all false. (Even…   Read Story »
Kate Winslet would like to point out that, compared to how they looked in Titanic, she is thinner now and Leonardo DiCaprio is fatter. That is all. Goodnight! -Dlisted There's going to be a short…   Read Story »
Haha, perfect. Cut and print. Green light. Start the presses! Out of all of them, my favorite Bond Intro is the one in the bottom row all the way to the left, because it gets right into it without…   Read Story »
Nick Kroll is going to be on Community this season! We love that guy AND that show! -Splitsider Speaking of, here are some more Community bloopers! I CANNOT get enough Community bloopers. Someone…   Read Story »
Could our Idris Elba be the next James Bond? Probably! Someone asked him a question about it, soooo...!!   Read Story »
I don't really understand the hype that surrounds actresses when they become "the new Bond girl" because I'm not 70 years old and I didn't grow up in a time where you were only allowed to see one…   Read Story »
If you've seen Quantum of Solace, then you remember how each location that James Bond traveled to was introduced by its own uniquely fonted title card. What was up with that? Don't get me wrong, the…   Read Story »
I watched Casino Royale again last night, because Quantum of Solace comes out this weekend and I wanted to make sure that I don't miss any buried Easter Eggs for the Superfans. Anyway, that movie is…   Read Story »
Sir Roger Moore, who played James Bond in seven films from 1973 to 1985, had some pretty harsh words to say about the direction the character has taken under Daniel Craig's guardianship. From…   Read Story »