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Back in May, Joe Francis was found guilty of three counts of false imprisonment, one count of assault, and one count of dissuading a witness from reporting, by a "mentally f–ing retarded" jury made…   Read Story »
The Hollywood Reporter did a new profile of Joe Francis after he was recently found guilty on three counts of false imprisonment and one count of assault (!!!) and it seems like our old friend is…   Read Story »
Your honor, while the prosecution recognizes that the defense was doing nothing more dangerous or harmful than simply looking at their computer screen in a brief moment of downtime at their otherwise…   Read Story »
Oh man. How is Pitt ever gonna top this one?! George Clooney and several of his activist colleagues were arrested and taken away in handcuffs outside the Sudan embassy on Massachusetts Avenue in…   Read Story »
Some dude's about to walk the Green Mile. From the Hollywood Reporter: Gilberto Sanchez, who said he bought a copy of the 2009 Hugh Jackman superhero movie on a street corner near his home in the…   Read Story »
Great prank, everyone, especially the parents who agreed to take part in it. You guys are good parents who recognize a GREAT prank. It's just fun! I'm really starting to rethink my whole position on…   Read Story »
Good news, guys: you can finally delete those "kidz bop single ladies" google alerts. Waiting is the best sauce? Gross. Also, you were waiting for this? Gross. But also: sauce. Gross. IT'S HERE! IT'S…   Read Story »
Antoine Dodson was arrested over the weekend on charges of marijuana possession, and Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 120 days in jail. Smooth criminals or THE SMOOTHEST criminals?! Stay in school, you…   Read Story »
She is really good at dancing! And you are really good at having to go to jail now! Sorry!   Read Story »
Lindsay Lohan failed some kind of test (as if Lindsay Lohan does anything else with tests) and is going back to jail. Right. DOES THE POPE GO TO JAIL IN THE WOODS? This is her new mugshot. Yup. She…   Read Story »