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Here are ten new teaser clips from the upcoming season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which returns on September 4th! -Uproxx Gillian Jacobs is the guest on both Comedy Bang Bang and Reggie…   Read Story »
God, doesn't being a famous person in Hollywood seem great? You have champagne with every meal. You spend your evenings in Paris. All of your linens are so nice. You get to have an arc as the love…   Read Story »
Jack McBrayer is on 7 Minutes in Heaven With Mike O'Brien and he reads a line from Heat as Kenneth the Page. It's very, very good. -PopCultureBrain Johnny Depp is wearing boxers up to his chin in…   Read Story »
RT @alexbalk: "Um, is the London Review of Books doing 30 Rock recaps?" Apparently?!   Read Story »
Tipster Kevan wrote in about the classic TV origins of one of Alan Alda's lines on 30 Rock last night: When Alda comes to the TGS stage looking for Jack and finds Tracy crying to Kenneth about not…   Read Story »
Even if you don't watch 30 Rock (?!), you can almost definitely find a recording artist to be excited about in this clip from the end of last night's season finale. It's more fun if I don't name…   Read Story »
On Friday, I posted the video of Kenneth The Page saying "nutsack" on Thursday's 30 Rock, along with a promise to call out all future instances of this word occurring on regular television. And…   Read Story »
This is the funniest line/clip from last night's 30 Rock: Videogum is already the #1 Google result for "can you say nutsack on TV" because of that "extraordinary nuts(n)ack" nut commercial last…   Read Story »
On last night's excellent 30 Rock, Jack learned that Elisa, Salma Hayek's character and "The One," had a dark secret: she killed her husband and earned the nickname "La Viuda Negra," or The Black…   Read Story »
Last night's episode of 30 Rock wasn't just funny but sort of a philosophical exploration of How We Live Now or whatever! After Liz got temporarily suspended last week for sexual harassment, a chance…   Read Story »