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In case you don't already know the Birthday Boys, let's introduce you! That is them in the picture (minus Bob Odenkirk). The Birthday Boys are a seven-person sketch comedy group that have been making…   Read Story »
Dear Mom and Dad, How are you guys? I'm doing great! It's really great out here in London. My friends are all good, my apartment is nice, I love my job. Plus we have a new Royal Baby now, which…   Read Story »
Headphones UP: I wish this was what it was like when Al Roker interviewed Smuckers on the Today Show or whatever that is, you know, the news? Guys, how much do you love the news, though?   Read Story »
The Hollywood Reporter did a new profile of Joe Francis after he was recently found guilty on three counts of false imprisonment and one count of assault (!!!) and it seems like our old friend is…   Read Story »
This clip from The Today Show in 1984 does a good job about answering a lot of the questions I had about the haunted toaster (does fire come out, is it happy or sad, is it good at making toast) but…   Read Story »
I'm not sure if you've been watching Paul F. Tompkins's Internet-based alcohol-infused interview show, Speakeasy, but it's pretty good, and this interview with Zach Galifianakis that you have already…   Read Story »
Scott Aukerman has been a fixture in the really, very good comedy scene since being recruited, with comedy partner B.J. Porter, to write and perform for Mr. Show in the mid '90s. He's since done many…   Read Story »
Paul Fusco, the creator of ALF, was recently interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter, our nation's finest newspaper, because he's spent the last four years trying to figure out how to make ALF into a…   Read Story »
Paul F. Tompkins has a new web-series where he interviews people over cocktails. Here is a trailer for it. It's called Speakeasy.   Read Story »