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Here we are, the final Interns' Corner post. It's been quite the wild ride. Lots of memories. Lots of tears. I will certainly miss writing the introductions to your posts, and I will certainly miss…   Read Story »
As colleges around the country begin to pry open their gates, dust off their mess halls, and polish their silverware in preparation for the resumption of classes, we, too, have to prepare ourselves…   Read Story »
Do you really miss the days when people would make "your mama" jokes and also the days when people would make "your ____ is so _____, it ________" jokes? Yes? A booming, unanimous yes? Well look no…   Read Story »
Look out girls because this week it's BOYS ONLY! It's a regular meeting of the He-Man Women Haters Club in this post right now. Kelly is off doing God knows what, just kidding, I knows what, so…   Read Story »
As we near the end of our work week and into one of the last weekends of summer -- though the weather may be more like one of the always weekends of bummer, if you know what I mean -- why not take a…   Read Story »
Thank you for joining us at Interns' Corner today! I'm so glad you could make it. No, no, YOU look wonderful. Yes this is a new blouse! Oh, you're too kind. This week we have a lot of great stuff in…   Read Story »
Hello everyone! Our interns Andrew, Joe, and Kelly are back, ALL THREE OF THEM!, to pick up a few videos that have fallen through the Videogum cracks this week. Very exciting. After the jump, "hear"…   Read Story »
The thing about Interns' Corner -- and you may or may not agree with me, though I'm sure you probably agree -- is that it's really great. It's exciting every week because you get to watch a bunch of…   Read Story »
Hello everyone and welcome back to Interns' Corner, where our Videogum interns are allowed, for a brief moment, to take the mic and say something about a video and then politely pass the mic to the…   Read Story »
Remember our interns, Andrew, Joe, and Kelly? We introduced them to you last week. They're two lovely young men and a lovely young woman. Andrew had a cow because Gabe slightly misspelled his last…   Read Story »