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Yesterday's Miley Cyrus dance party video reminded me of a hardcore show I saw in the basement of a friend's house years ago. After seeing some old footage of the band, I made this. I'm the meme now,…   Read Story »
No diggity! You got to bag it up! Cool dudes and neat chicks who are all unique snowflakes, I know that more than budding young men and women we're all just human beings on this planet who are 100…   Read Story »
Dear Celebrities Who Will Not Stop Doing Kanye Jokes, During last night's Emmys, three separate references were made to Kanye West's interruption of Taylor Swift at last week's MTV Video Music…   Read Story »
I hated the Internet excitement over the original "don't call me a homo" kid video, because it wasn't that funny really, and the whole thing just made me :(. But this is TBS Very Funny. Turn that :(…   Read Story »
Another "great" freakout from the "world's greatest freakout" kid. Nope! Here's the thing: this kid's videos are obviously fake. We know that, and we been had knowing that for awhile. And these…   Read Story »
Waxy has a collection of images where he has removed the subjects of popular videos/memes, leaving only the familiar backgrounds. For Nerds By Nerds.   Read Story »
Oh come on, Internet! Are you going to tell me that you spent five whole minutes on this but there was no way to squeeze in Christian Bale's melt down, Bill O'Reilly's rant, Tay Zonday, Big Dog…   Read Story »
At some point you would think that College Humor, creators of "Internet Commenter Business Meeting" and "'90s Phone Call," would run out of minor pop culture memes of the late '90s and early '00s to…   Read Story »