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I've got mixed feelings about the Antoine Dodson meme, and have had since the beginning. It's just hard to understand the motives of the original news team in including him in their report, and it's…   Read Story »
Last week, a local news report about a potential rape featuring an effeminate black man giving an on-air sassy retort to the would-be attacker became our generation's Double Rainbow Guy. The video…   Read Story »
Oh brother. His face barely even looks dry from the last time. Well, here we go again, I guess. Internet, START. YOUR. PHOTOSHOPS. The helmet is a nice touch, though. If nothing else, it will allow…   Read Story »
Eventually we will reach a point where the Internet makes its response joke so quickly that it happens before the original event actually occurs, at which point time will fold over on itself and we…   Read Story »
Winnebago Man documentary trailer, you guys. NSFW language, obviously, so headphones UP: This looks like a completely charming documentary. And it makes sense. Since we've got to make…   Read Story »
The creators of the German World War II movie, Downfall, have made a copyright claim against all of the "Hitler Gets Mad When He Learns..." Internet-meme videos. Of course, this is just the type of…   Read Story »
As we all know, the Internet hates Jay Leno, because the Internet is primarily for young people, and Jay Leno is exclusively for dying people. Duh Aficionado Magazine, true to its journalistic…   Read Story »
I know that RickRolling has basically been dead as a meme ever since your mom saw them do it on the local news and tried RickRolling you by sending an email that was purportedly a collection of funny…   Read Story »
A Shiba Inu watches the Shiba Inu puppy cam? You have just got to be fucking with me now. When I finally came to, I was all like: HAKUNA MATA, indeed. (Via Urlesque.)   Read Story »
Between this and Brett Favre last week, it is clear that some of us are getting dangerously close to needing an Open Letter. I mean, we all know how excited dad gets when he learns a new slang word…   Read Story »