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You have to give the Internet credit for at least one thing: it is VERY good at being the Internet. Some would say the best. (more of this at BuzzFeed.)   Read Story »
So, this happened today. It was weird, like if Hoda Kotb and your mom talked to the Tiger Woods Cigar Guy meme guy. R.I.P. Tiger Woods Cigar Guy meme.   Read Story »
ENHANCE... ENHANCE... ENHANCE... ENHANCE... GET ME BOURNE! (Via Flickr. Thanks for the tip, Josh.)   Read Story »
"Hey guys! I'm on my way, can't wait to see you." -- 2012 (Via EpicPonyz.)   Read Story »
Just four days after an epic episode of Mad Men (so good, right? It's weird everyone hates that show so much and it never wins any awards) generated a new Internet meme, some people are already…   Read Story »
You know what? He's probably not even sad. This is probably some kind of long con. He gets us all to feel bad for him, and to invite him into our homes for a cup of hot soup and some friendly…   Read Story »
Enjoy your imported Italian brick pot brownie oven, and your limited edition Crocs, SELL-OUT. (Via TheHighDefinite.)   Read Story »
There is absolutely nothing new or interesting about this report on the Antoine Dodson meme from this morning's episode of the Today Show. I'm simply posting it for the historical record as the day…   Read Story »
Hey guys, I just wanted to give everyone a quick, friendly reminder about tattoos: they are forever. Yeah. I know that in our hectic modern world of SEXTING and Razr Scooters that it can be pretty…   Read Story »