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When the last of the Chilean miners finally emerged from the fetid belly of the Earth, he probably went home, ate his favorite food, made love to his wife, and then logged onto the Internet and…   Read Story »
At long last, an Internet Meme for the rest of us.   Read Story »
Do you guys remember Two Girls One Cup? Cool story: I've never actually seen that video. So sue me. Guess what: I am a grown up and I know what poop looks like and I know what cups look like and I…   Read Story »
A photo of Robert Pattinson, an English film actor, jumping in the air wearing nothing but boxer shorts, has become the new meme. And thus the great fossil record of Internet Canyon gets another silt…   Read Story » asked the Double Rainbow Guy to provide its readers with some sex advice as part of their on-going series of celebrity guest sex advisers, and as you can see, he's very very good at giving…   Read Story »
There are a couple of problems with this. For one, Keenan seems to really be phoning it in in the Lip Dept. What's going on there, Keenan? That shit lines up with the actual words, like, four times…   Read Story »
We continue to wait for the Don Draper "do you sell dickfors?" supercut mash-up, but in the meantime, a Don Draper "What What in the Butt" supercut mash-up is PRETTY CLOSE.   Read Story »
You guys, we should buy more pistachios! During last night's broadcast of the World Series, whatever THAT is, the American Pistachio Council ran a 15 second ad featuring Keyboard Cat encouraging…   Read Story »
Oh boy. Here we go. You know what? NO COMMENT. That is your job for once. You be the blog. What is the dog thinking? What is ANYONE thinking?! Winner will receive special placement in this week's…   Read Story »
Hey, remember that girl who was on all of the morning talk shows a couple of years ago because she couldn't stop hiccuping? Ever wonder what was up with her? More to the point: ever wonder if she was…   Read Story »