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"Worlds have been colliding!" "Skynet is awake!" @swag. Right? Those sound right to me, moving on. Admittedly, this is less a video of Ryan Gosling reading selections of the Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl"…   Read Story »
You know what is weird? Meeting people who don't spend every waking second on the Internet is weird. Like, your family, probably. Or the waitstaff at a diner. (Those are the two types of people that…   Read Story »
John Jacobson performed Double Dream Hands! on the season premiere of America's Got Talent! But het gets booed offstage! It's kind of sad, actually!   Read Story »
Good news, guys: you can finally delete those "kidz bop single ladies" google alerts. Waiting is the best sauce? Gross. Also, you were waiting for this? Gross. But also: sauce. Gross. IT'S HERE! IT'S…   Read Story »
This is just straight-up useful is what this is.   Read Story »
Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy, Kennedy had a secretary named Rebecca Black Is Terrible And This Meme Is A Little Exhausting But This Is Kind Of Funny. (Via Towleroad.)   Read Story »
The Internet's favorite song, "Friday," gets re-imagined by a Bob Dylan impersonator. I'm now holding my breath for the "I'm Zack" remix.   Read Story »
You know, for a place (the Internet) that fancies itself to have no rules and be run by the people, the Internet sure seems to mostly be a very predictable system of self-referential Jay Leno-caliber…   Read Story »
Scumbag Steve is our generation's Chet Haze. #GETSTEVED   Read Story »
You may have seen a "movie trailer" going around yesterday featuring Antoine Dodson, Double Rainbow Guy, Numa Numa guy, and others (although hey, guess what, it turns out there are not a ton of…   Read Story »