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And thus ended Back to the Future Week, or whatever. Of course, the big (non-Stoltz) story of the week, obviously, was the rescue of the Chilean miners. What a good story! Very happy ending, that is…   Read Story »
I'm not sure when the introduction to the Monsters' Ball became the Huffington Post Celebrity Gossip Dumping Grounds, but as we all prepare to HACK OUT for the weekend, here's something from the…   Read Story »
And thus Andrew Shirvell Week Comes to a close. THANK GOD. As you may have read, Andrew Shirvell has taken a leave of absence from his role as Assistant Attorney General. Whatever THAT means. Like, a…   Read Story »
Tonight begins the Yom Kippur holiday for the Jews, the day of atonement. It's the most sacred holiday on the Jewish calendar, and in addition to prayer and whatever, it also includes 24 hours of…   Read Story »
Since Monsters' Ball is kind of where we take care of in-house business, let's take care of some in-house business, right? Basically, it is time to be honest with ourselves and with each other about…   Read Story »
OK, no, THIS is how the summer ends. You guys, I'll be honest, summer is kind of the worst. I mean, it is the best and also the worst, which in some ways is the most that you can expect from any one…   Read Story »
The Unofficial Videogum Book Club, Bookgum (duh), is now up and running under the leadership of Videogum reader and monster, An American Patriot. You can head over now and vote on the first six books…   Read Story »
RT @weathergum: "Earlier this week, in New York at least, the heat broke for a few days and the weather was cool and temperate, and I have to admit, I really enjoyed it. I love summer as much as the…   Read Story »
For the past couple of days, I have been at a rented vacation home with my family along the shores of one of America's premiere lakes. I will tell you this much: being in a place where you can…   Read Story »
As someone is bound to tell you at any decent funeral, life is for the living. And so, this morning, I am on an airplane. And this afternoon I will be in a car. And this evening I will be in a house…   Read Story »