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And thus ends Charlie Sheen week. I'm exhausted, is anyone else exhausted? I think it stopped being fun sometime early Wednesday when the reports about his children getting taken away from him…   Read Story »
Wow, ninjas. Here are my random thoughts on this Friday afternoon. 1. Guys, what a great week, right? Right? It’s been so good. At least the first four days. I liked how each of the bloggers…   Read Story »
(Photoshopping courtesy of Patrick M) O.G. commenter Becca here! In April 2008, when I started commenting on Videogum, folks knew the value of a hard day’s commentin’ and did it for the love…   Read Story »
No, wait...Everyone come's ok. It's me Thisismynightmare. Please, just have seat. We need to talk for a minute. As you know, Gabe is not here today. You might not know this but I am…   Read Story »
The news today that President Hosni Mubarak has relinquished his hold over the Egyptian government and fled the country is a tremendous victory for the Egyptian people, an important development in…   Read Story »
What a week, you guys. It has been so cold and snowy, and obviously the whole Charlie Sheen thing, which I think has us all a little bit on edge these days. Come on, Charlie Sheen. Don't you see what…   Read Story »
After the jump, the five Highest Rated comments, as voted on by you, the Lowest Rated comment, the winner of the Ricky Gervais Graffiti Caption Contest, and the Editor’s Choice. This Week’s…   Read Story »
Remember this moment, you guys. Hold it in your hearts. When it is the middle of July and your face is literally melting off of your head and you think to yourself, just this once, I would like to be…   Read Story »
STATUS: NORMAL (Thanks for the tip, Devon.)   Read Story »
Between Sarah Palin and Gwyneth Paltrow it has been a real week for the jerks. But guess what: MONDAY-FRIDAY, jerks. HANDS OFF THE WEEKEND. This is our weekend, down here. Down here it's our…   Read Story »