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You could probably imagine what the person behind the "Hey Girl" meme was thinking, but here's a whole interview with her! No more guesswork!   Read Story »
So, someone posted a question on Reddit: "Which famous person needs to just come out already?" and it has already elicited, as questions on Reddit will, thousands of answers, almost all of which are…   Read Story »
In the event you've ever wondered how to turn all the posting icons on your Tumblr dashboard into little Tom Hanks faces, here is how.   Read Story »
The Internet has escaped.   Read Story »
This: Plus this: Equals: everything.   Read Story »
Remember that video yesterday of people tripping on subway stairs? The MTA has responded by fixing the stairs! Once again, the Internet ruins everything.   Read Story »
Are we still doing this? Is this still a thing? Please advise.   Read Story »
Late yesterday afternoon, someone posted on Tumblr that Nora Ephron may have died based on a random tweet from a newspaper columnist about her funeral. This same Tumblr account later posted that Nora…   Read Story »
A bunch of new photos from season five of Breaking Bad were released, and they all look JUST like Breaking Bad. It's almost incredible how much this upcoming season of Breaking Bad is going to be a…   Read Story »
We are definitely all up in summer's guts at this point. Summer doesn't even start for a few more days as far as ZEUS is concerned, but if the Internet is any indication, everyone's lying on the…   Read Story »