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If I'm right, and I never am, this GIF will overtake "FIRST!" as the lead comment in every single blog post thread. It should, though. (Via TheTVScreen.)   Read Story »
I'm bored. Aren't you guys bored? It can be so boring sometimes! There are people who will tell you that "only boring people get bored" which is seriously the most ridiculous garbage. Only boring…   Read Story »
The Oxford English Dictionary Gang has once again named their "Word of the Year," and this one is very near and dear to all of our hearts: GIF. Love that word. Use it in a sentence. "I GIFed, he…   Read Story »
It seems pointless to recap everything we've gone through together this week moments before we relive it all together with GIFs, but I do want to say, can you believe it was just this Monday when we…   Read Story »
Someone must've done a trampoline accident rain dance (dancing on a trampoline and falling off during a storm while you're sister films it from the living room window) because after a long trampoline…   Read Story »
The Internet is stronger than all of us, and it will be here long after we are gone. Sifting through the wreckage of the human race, Robot Jimmy will see what we had built, and he will say that it is…   Read Story »
Sometimes it feels like the world is a desolate, insignificant spec of dust in a cold, endless, and indifferent universe and that everyone is completely alone in this abandoned wasteland, doomed to a…   Read Story »
Whoa! Sorry, guys! Didn't mean to post such SEXY material on the site. You guys OK? Your kids OK? You better sit them down and explain that this is just what life is like now on the Internet. It's a…   Read Story »
Other very real for real no joke hashtags used by Nancy Grace on Twitter: #CradleRobbingKiller #PregMomRunOver #BabyInDryer #WasItTheHubby #MiniGolfDeath #DeadBabyInCar #CoffeeMugMurder…   Read Story »
Update your records accordingly. [NOTE: Also applicable in files "Baby," "Crying Baby," "Baby Tricks," "Cute," as well as "Web, General." Thank you.] (Via BlameItOn.)   Read Story »