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No, for sure. I know. Totally. Thanks!   Read Story »
There's a certain amount of, I don't want to say surprise, let's say chance on the Internet that doesn't exist in other mediums. When you're reading a book, the book keeps being the book you decided…   Read Story »
Sorry, guys. So sorry. I don't do links. I'm not saying anything about people who do them. Or people who read them. We are all flying through space on this crazy blue marble called Spaceship Planet…   Read Story »
Yup! One of those things that you're not sure you'll recognize when you see it, but then it's just like oh yeah, no, yup, that's the Internet. #fatcat (Via HyperVocal.)   Read Story »
Yep. All good! Alive and well. (Via OHYST.)   Read Story »
Obviously the answer right off the bat is no. Not to put words in your mouth! I'm sure there are people out there who, every time they go to Target, hope and hope that they run into a flash mob that…   Read Story »
I know when things like this (babies dressed up like the cast of Community, a porcupine that hums the Friday Night Lights theme, a playable 8-bit "Garfield Minus Garfield" RPG online game, etc.) pop…   Read Story »
Is that it? Are we done? Has the Internet finally achieved everything that it set out to do? Congratulations! Good work everyone. And the best part was we had fun doing it, right? Cool. Bye forever!…   Read Story »
A lot of people will fantasize about committing the perfect crime. This has been an American tradition ever since Throw Mama From the Train invented it. "It's all about the motive, see, but that's…   Read Story »