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1. Throw a shiny penny into a wishing well, holding in your mind the wish that you'd like to be able to jump farther. 2. Push nagging thoughts -- "Why do I need to know how to jump farther?" "It…   Read Story »
This girl doesn't even need a packed auditorium of eager minds to demonstrate the CORRECT way to live. You go, baby genius! Teach that dog how to poop! Byebye! (Via Buzzfeed.)   Read Story »
I'm sure many of you are already so upset about Valentine's Day. "I'm not dating anyone this year, so that's why I'm upset." Or, "Why do I have to do something special on this one arbitrary day when…   Read Story »
Here is Ben Linus (Michael Emmerson) in a 1992 training film for prison guards. I still don't understand how they got Locke's dead dad to the Dharma substation holding cells, though.   Read Story »
It's all fun and games and the lessons we learned from Cameron Crowe's Singles until someone needs these tapes. Magnetize your dates with the secrets to Love, Sex, And Dating In The '90s: I think…   Read Story »