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In my house, eggs are a weekend thing. Most Saturdays and Sundays you can find me cooking eggs, LOL. I make a pretty good omelette. In one pan I'll cook up some red onions, mushrooms, cherry…   Read Story »
Yuck. Why is he talking like that? He sounds like he's trying out for the role of "Precocious Baby" in Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2. And why is everyone SO dirty? It seems like we might need to address,…   Read Story »
Guys, pay attention. It is always funny how cheap and weird before and after pictures look when you're dealing with weight loss or teeth whitening or whatever, because it's obviously just two…   Read Story »
Hot dogs are delicious. Yum! Everyone knows that. Come on. If you met someone and they didn't know that hot dogs were delicious, you would have to send them back to do school all over again, Billy…   Read Story »
In just two short years, the Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, a preposterous nightmare weekend hosted by the Insane Clown Posse, has gone from Internet Surprise to Internet Meme to Institution. Just…   Read Story »
After the jump, I have posted an incredible, nine-minute-long video that I guess is some kind of infomercial for a "two-handed great sword" in which a group of chubby middle-aged white dudes, many of…   Read Story »
From the website: Almost everyone knows the silent but deadly effects of flatulence on relationships. For couples, nothing can spoil the romantic aura more quickly! It can be funny but it can…   Read Story »
Are you tired of always being broke? Do you lack confidence? Is this always happening to you? I hate when that thing that has never happened to anyone happens, but this new poorly-made,…   Read Story »
I don't know what it is, but I could just really go for a ShoeDini right now. I don't even have any trouble getting my shoes on or off, being a fully functional adult who can manage minor tasks, but…   Read Story »
Good morning. You stink. I love when Adam Jay, excuse me, Dr. Adam Jay, says that you can use Aspray ANYWHERE on your body in a tone of voice that suggests that there are places on your body that…   Read Story »