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Tim Horton's made Ryan Gosling his own custom mug. There is only one of these mugs. OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD, EH? (Tim Horton's is killing it lately.) -FilmDrunk Behold Duff Goldman's Star Spangled…   Read Story »
Harrison Ford called Shia LaBeouf an idiot! FINALLY, A GOOD OLD FEUD! There's a whole context to it that is super boring and involves, like, Shia LaBeouf criticizing that Indiana Jones movie that…   Read Story »
I am going to be a perfect old man. I've already got the whole complaining thing down, all I need now is the inherently limited number of years left to live that confronts people with their own…   Read Story »
There are a bunch of behind-the-scenes clips from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull traveling along the information coal mine track today, and while I maintain that this movie looks…   Read Story »
Shia LaBeouf is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest My Morning Jacket. There's a new feature on the SNL website that lets you submit questions for the guests, with the…   Read Story »