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Here is your first look at the fourth season of Portlandia, which is going to be so good. -EW Did you think that The Wolf of Wall Street was pretty good, but your one complaint was that you wished…   Read Story »
In case you don't already know the Birthday Boys, let's introduce you! That is them in the picture (minus Bob Odenkirk). The Birthday Boys are a seven-person sketch comedy group that have been making…   Read Story »
10-year-old YouTube cover-rapper Matty B (remember?) has just released “Back In Time," a song that is going to be featured on the sountrack of some movie (Free Birds). The big leagues! The Matty…   Read Story »
The Wolverine direct James Mangold has been tweeting some behind-the-scenes photos from the film's shoot. Would you like to look at them? Some of them are pretty, and some of them just look like…   Read Story »
Man, don't you wish we could get Gabe back here to do the Afternoon Links? He did such a fun job yesterday! Almost too chill. Anyway, Mark Ruffalo -- sweet, beautiful Mark Ruffalo -- says there will…   Read Story »
Check out this clip, "Vagina Pillows" featuring Bobby Moynihan, and then check out a band new Portlandia episode this Friday on IFC! Oh, what a treat! Check! It! Out!   Read Story »
Put a THIRD on it! Ha-ha! A third season! Check out this great new clip from Portlandia: Season 3, beginning January 4th!   Read Story »
IFC launched a new program today (or something, what even can you call this?) where they adopt a needy comedian for a year to make comedy for them (child slavery?), and their inaugural comedy baby is…   Read Story »
Scott Aukerman has been a fixture in the really, very good comedy scene since being recruited, with comedy partner B.J. Porter, to write and perform for Mr. Show in the mid '90s. He's since done many…   Read Story »
IFC had its first upfront presentation in New York yesterday (we were all there, yes? old news? live-tweeted it?) and announced a bunch of new comedies, along with the return of Portlandia and a new…   Read Story »