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There is a new web series called Milk + Honey, but that's not important. What's important is that it's produced by Idris Elba. And here is a video of him talking about it. More like Milk + MARRY ME,…   Read Story »
Could our Idris Elba be the next James Bond? Probably! Someone asked him a question about it, soooo...!!   Read Story »
Crack open an ice cold Smart Water and watch the leaves change color. In your private garden. Which is your vagina? Happy Idris Elba day, everyone! (Via TheAwl.)   Read Story »
No h2o but I'm super thirsty all of a sudden. Or: WHERE'S WATER, STRING? HUH? WHERE'S WATER? Or: "My name is DSI John Luther and your thirst is under arrest and also I don't play by the…   Read Story »
Oh man, this is GREAT news! On a related note, you can currently watch the first season of Luther on Netflix Instant, so, uh, go do that? Even if you've already seen the first season of Luther you…   Read Story »
A woman is suing Playboy after injuring herself on a broken trampoline during a photoshoot. Yikes! Trampolines! Admittedly, this is stretching the bounds of Videogum's jurisdictional mandate. So let…   Read Story »
The intro to the Japanese version of Saturday Night Live is very familiar looking! -Vulture Check out these cool behind-the-scenes photos from movies that you like. -Uproxx The effect that…   Read Story »
To promote the upcoming second season of the very great BBC cop drama Luther, which is so great, Idris Elba answered questions that people submitted on Facebook. Idris Elba! Stringer Bell! But also…   Read Story »
Tyler Perry is a lot of things: billionaire, terrible director, housedress connoisseur, but one thing he is not is a very good actor. Oh, sure, he was GREAT as the principal of Space School in Star…   Read Story »