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The line between cynicism and art is pretty thin. Ultimately it all comes down to motivation, or the perception of motivation. If Michael Bay made a movie about robots punching Godzillas in the face,…   Read Story »
Idris Elba is taking a year off from acting to focus on BEING SMOKIN' HOT AM I RIGHT, LADIES? AND ALSO FELLAS?! LOL! Seriously though, Idris Elba could take a year off from acting to focus on the…   Read Story »
This week Louis C.K. hosted SNL and then President Obama was re-elected. Which one of the two was more important to the Internet? It's still too close to call. But let's look at GIFs about both of…   Read Story »
Our dedication to posting all things Idris Elba in the glowing and effusive manner that all things Idris Elba deserve is strong and unshakable and you do not even need to worry about that. He is so…   Read Story »
Well, we're certainly not going to NOT watch it.   Read Story »
BREAKING NEWS: all the women died today when their hearts exploded out through their vaginas upon seeing this photo of a smiling Idris Elba holding a very adorable dog in a room with tasteful and…   Read Story »
When I saw Prometheus this weekend, I went to this new-ish movie theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (which, for those of you who haven't been there, is basically a Girls Theme Park) called Nitehawk,…   Read Story »
Sorry. I know I should have given you time to respond but I kind of felt like I already knew the answer. (Via CinemaBlend.)   Read Story »
DirecTV, whatever that is, has a very correct description for Fast Five. -FilmDrunk The New York Times did a wonderful little piece on Scott Aukerman and Comedy Bang Bang and you should read it…   Read Story »
I'm not sure if you guys are regular viewers of Chris Gethard's weekly public access variety show, The Chris Gethard Show, but this week's episode was so wonderful. My goodness. Chis surprised…   Read Story »