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My Bow makes my dick hard every time I that normal?— Idris Elba (@idriselba) January 5, 2014 ...Is it though? Like. Okay, I know we all should "get"…   Read Story »
I'll admit that this picture is about a week old, which is maybe something that you know, and if you do know that and you're feeling a little bit miffed about it, I have one word for you: SORRY! Just…   Read Story »
The Onion reviews The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. -TheOnion Paul F. Tompkins has a new show on Fusion called No, You Shut Up, and you can watch some clips of it on-line, if you'd like to! You…   Read Story »
How do costume designers find clothes that make Natalie Portman seem normal-sized? I know Thor has a boomerang hammer and a solid chest or whatever, but Natalie Portman and I are the same height,…   Read Story »
A bit of photographic evidence from a very manly mini-Friday Night Lights reunion. -Vulture Here are Matt Zoller Seitz's documentary/video essay episodes, based on his book The Wes Anderson…   Read Story »
Our own Benny Cumbs is on the cover of Time! Want to watch a behind-the-scenes video of his photo shoot? He wears a nice suit in it, so that's something you might like to see. -Time Here is the…   Read Story »
For months now we've all been living our lives, going on with our business, eating, sleeping, whatever, completely ignorant to the fact that Liam Gallagher and Idris Elba have been FEUDING! What?!…   Read Story »
Idris Elba is on the cover of GQ this month. HI, IDRIS! -GQ Lizzy Caplan appeared on Conan last night to talk a bit about her upcoming series Masters of Sex. She wore a red dress and looked very…   Read Story »
ATTN. THE WEB: In a recent interview, the creator of beloved television series mentioned the possibility of filming a movie counterpart to that beloved television series. The creator mentioned having…   Read Story »