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Celebrities are upset because they can't win the New Yorker caption contest. Ha-ha, celebrities. Just because you have champagne at lunch every day doesn't mean you can win ALL the contests.…   Read Story »
Please watch Alison Brie and Dani Pudi's video for the song they wrote that is my favorite song of all time. -Dan Eckman Oh and speaking of, here's your first look at the next season of Community!…   Read Story »
We've already talked about two of this week's biggest trailers: Battleship and New Year's Eve. Wait, did I say biggest? I meant most awful looking. Easy mistake to make as they both sound so similar!…   Read Story »
If you thought it was difficult before, it's now almost IMPOSSIBLE to tell which one is Turtle and which one is Gabe. -BWE Mad Men is streaming on Netflix right now! -Netflix WTF is going on with…   Read Story »
The behind-the-scenes goof-em-ups continue as actor/director/prank enthusiast George Clooney delivers another of his Full Frontal Prank Assaults on Walt Disney Mousketeer Ryan Gosling. From the…   Read Story »