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Oh great, another example of Benedict Cumberbatch's TREACHERY. Apparently, a fan ran into him in an ice cream shop and he was NICE TO HER. Cruel devil. Will nothing stop this horrible monster? Here…   Read Story »
This isn't the first time we've seen this phenomenon. What's the deal, kids? Are the ice cream cones too big? Are you lactose intolerant? Are you worried that being a tiny child eating a big ice…   Read Story »
This is just a good photo of teenage Disney star and Justin Bieber lover/muse Selena Gomez eating some kind of parfait with Eli Roth, the creator of the Hostel torture-porn series. You might think…   Read Story »
I know that in the past we've got a little upset with ice cream vendors who are too overzealous with the "show" aspect of their jobs. Not that we don't appreciate odd talent, and not that we don't…   Read Story »
I would never try to take the joy out of your job, sir. I understand that the days are long sometimes, and if you can get through it all a little more easily by putting to use your very well…   Read Story »
Coning is out. Anti-coning is in. Ice cream remains delicious!   Read Story »
This kid is going to have a real case of the Mondays when he wakes up. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU QUIETLY PUT ME IN THE BACKSEAT OF THE CAR AND DROVE ME HOME AND IT'S ALL OVER? Take me back to that…   Read Story »
Hello everyone! Our interns Andrew, Joe, and Kelly are back, ALL THREE OF THEM!, to pick up a few videos that have fallen through the Videogum cracks this week. Very exciting. After the jump, "hear"…   Read Story »
Darren Aronofsky wants Christian Bale to play the 600-year-old lead in his $130 million dollar movie. Big numbers! -Vulture An interview with Sean Astin about his upcoming role voicing everyone's…   Read Story »
GOTCHA! Good prank. (Via SacharMathias.)   Read Story »