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The best thing about celebs is that you can never have enough information about them, so any new piece of information is a welcome new friend. PLEASE TELL US MORE ABOUT YOURSELVES, CELEBS! Sometimes…   Read Story »
When mom brought the new Old Spice guy around, we weren't buying it. Sure, he called us "Chief" and mussed with our hair and said things like, "Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle before? Would you…   Read Story »
Look, we can sit here all day talking about how the properties of "feminine wash" and the properties of shampoo are not actually that different, because industrialized hygiene products are all…   Read Story »
This video came out more than a year ago, and yet I have a feeling that its powerful message is still as resonant and valuable today as it was then. Pay attention. (via UniqueDaily) My favorite…   Read Story »