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What a week! NASA's Curiosity rover landed on Mars, President Obama revealed his undying love for Anne Hathaway, AND you guys all got mad at me because I said one negative thing about Breaking Bad in…   Read Story »
Now that The Hunger Games has popularized government-imposed sport killing for children, the CW is looking to get in on some of that sweet action with a Battle Royale TV show. #verynice   Read Story »
Alec Trebeck is thinking about retiring from hosting Jeopardy! What is an idea that makes sense because how long have you been hosting that show, INFINITY? -TheHollywoodReporter Tonight is the…   Read Story »
In the great Jennifer Lawrence VS Miley Cyrus feud (I mean WAR) of 2012, the majority of war voters chose Jennifer Lawrence, Kate from The Hunger Grahams, as war winner. An understandable choice when…   Read Story »
GIFS GIFS GIFS GIFSGIFSGIFS GIFS GIFS GIFSGIFSGIFS! This thing but then type in "GIFs." That's how we're feeling right now. Hahah, actually, that doesn't really work if you type in "GIFs." It doesn't…   Read Story »
Hey, do you realize that next time we all look at GIFs together it will be MARCH? Can you even believe that? It's basically spring already! We didn't even have a winter where I live and now it's…   Read Story »
HEY GUYS! I'm sure you've heard about this because the info was released like over 20 minutes ago and I don't want to seem like I'm insulting anyone's intelligence, but just in case you haven't heard…   Read Story »
Ugh, finally Courtney Stodden is doing something again. Every time she disappears for a little while I'm afraid she's going to realize what she's doing and never come back. But nope! Here she is, as…   Read Story »
Here are a collection of graffitied Mad Men subway posters. If I were to graffiti one I'd draw the guy falling into a wedding ring. And then I'd write, "This season, everyone stays faithful and does…   Read Story »
Warner Bros. released the first publicity stills from their upcoming Great Gatsby movie and aren't you soooo excited? They all look pretty normal, to be honest. Except Leonardo DiCaprio looks very…   Read Story »