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One time while driving, years ago, I spotted someone with the vanity plate "TWITTER." My friends and I couldn't get a picture of it because it was nighttime. The end. (PS: Here is another pretty good…   Read Story »
Justin Timberlake is on the cover of GQ's "men of the year" issue and feels like that's a little bit weird because wait didn't everybody pan everything he did this year? Huh. It is weird! (Also he…   Read Story »
Like Katniss and Peeta, we all get a little hungry when surviving the televised battle to the death between our young peers forced upon us by our oppressive government as punishment for a past…   Read Story »
Hey kids, are you BORED with your summer vacation? Do you want to get out from inside of your house, away from where you mom can nag you about doing your CHORES? Do you wish you lived in a dystopian,…   Read Story »
Walk into the club I'm like what up I got a big pogs! It's been awhile since I rapped at you kids who I am going to say that I treat like adults even though I really still treat you almost…   Read Story »
These Hunger Games character portraits are, uh, nice! -Nerdist James Franco's Saturday Night Live documentary, that started out as a documentary for an NYU class, then was sold to Oscilloscope,…   Read Story »
Raise your hand if you love Miss Cleo! Great, we all agree. And now please enjoy 'The Legend of Miss Cleo.' -BuzzFeed Triumph Visits The World's Most Expensive Pet Wedding -TEAMCOCO Smooth: Rob…   Read Story »
We have only one more "This Week In GIFs!" post of the year 2012. This is meaningless, even more meaningless than the actual final "This Week In GIFs!" post of the year 2012 will be, but what are you…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe! Gabe: kelly, hey Gabe: how's it hanging, dude? Kelly: It's hanging like it always does, bro! Kelly: How are you doing? Gabe: oh fine thanks Gabe: thank you so much for…   Read Story »
This photo is entitled "Sad Jennifer Lawrence Eating A Whole Fish" but really it's more like, "I'm trying to eat this fish, it's a little embarrassing that they're making me do this, please…   Read Story »