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Hey, remember when Hugh Grant said those weird things about how he "liked" his daughter, but how having her hasn't really changed his life at all? That was weird! Weird that a person could even feel…   Read Story »
I thought I would chose the saddest GIF of the bunch because Fridays are for reflecting on changes in the nature of our relationships. Also: DANCING! Are these weeks flying by or what? It seems like…   Read Story »
Hugh Grant had a child, Tabitha, which is fine. He's allowed. I've gone through all of the law books and apparently there isn't a single statute barring Hugh Grant from having children. But maybe…   Read Story »
Bad news, ladies: Bridget Jones's Diary 3 is facing "prompt delays," whatever that even MEANS. It definitely doesn't sound good. In conclusion: one bowl of cereal, two cups of coffee, a little bit of…   Read Story »
Great news, LADIES! Your best friend is coming back for more wonderful adventures! From Entertainment Weekly: EW has confirmed exclusively that Working Title Films, the production company…   Read Story »
We have talked a few times in the past couple of months about the difficulty in finding something new to say about love, because of what a well-worn topic it is (perhaps the wellest worn?) but also…   Read Story »
So apparently last night Hugh Grant was leaving "celebrity and paparazzi hotspot" (ha!) The Waverly Inn, and was just walking along with his odd-hat-wearing companion, making some inane small talk…   Read Story »