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One time I took a martial arts class--WHATEVER, you went to a pimps and hoes party in college and you don't see me teasing you about THAT--and the teacher or sensei or whatever was talking about…   Read Story »
Say what you want about Tom Cruise -- "His face is crooked in a way that is completely mindblowing but also you'd never notice if it weren't for that line," "He's shorter than he looks in movies and…   Read Story »
It is a slightly well-known fact that when celebrities check into hotels or make reservations at restaurants and want that business to remain private, they will sometimes use a different name from…   Read Story »
Two men see each other in the hallway of a hotel. Neither of them claim to know who the other is, yet each of them say "hello." (?) One of them takes to Twitter to take the other to task about why…   Read Story »
David Lynch is running crazy game on these hotels! According to Animal he partnered with Hotel Lutetia in Paris to create a signature suite, which already, just, like, you know, the world we live in…   Read Story »
"A hotel desk clerk says London showed up at the hotel around 2 am June 11 acting "tweaked out." I was at the front desk and suddenly I looked outside and there's this grown man clawing his way up…   Read Story »