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This is how dreams are made! From Craigslist: Sure! Now you're a Hollywood millionaire. Just send all your money to and wait for Jerry Bruckheimer…   Read Story »
Messages Deleted trailer, you guys: Woof. It's like Stranger Than Fiction meets The Number 23 meets Matthew Lillard in the prop eyeglasses section of a costume shop. "That's how you know he's a…   Read Story »
There are two movies coming out this fall that have terribly dumb plot conceits. One is a horror movie featuring Katrina Bowden (Cerie on 30 Rock) called The Shortcut, and the other is an…   Read Story »
AHHHHHHHHHH! This video is up in your gutz, Eminem. Because you can jump-cut your way shirtless through a spooky forest soundstage all you want, it will not be as unsettling as cherubic Icelandic…   Read Story »
UK Film Executive 1: We need an idea for a movie, guv'nah. UK FIlm Executive 2: Yes, guv'nah, well I was thinking, guv'nah, what about The Picture of Dorian Gray? That ought to put a dash of the old…   Read Story »
Everyone has been affected by the economic crisis in some way*. People have watched their 401ks disappear. Homes been had foreclosed. And everyone knows someone who has been laid off. But at least…   Read Story »
Lance Bangs posted this video in which Spike Jonze tests out one of the Where the Wild Things Are masks on a potential moviegoer. Where the Wild Things Awww! This guy knows: I'm still very…   Read Story »
Look, Eminem has earned his place in history. Whatever you think of his hate-filled, Weird Al Yankovicly comic rhymes, the fact is that he has made white rappers legitimate* in a way that Snow failed…   Read Story »
After the jump, I've posted the trailer for a low-budget horror movie called Evil Things. It's clearly trying to be Blair Witch 3: The Edge of Reason, all hand held night vision video and "don't go…   Read Story »
"Will You Be Here Tomorrow," a 1998 industrial safety training video posted on YouTube by someone who claims to have seen it in a training class this week, sends the safety first message with a…   Read Story »