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Judging by this Saw VI motion poster (that's right, Saw VI), Jigsaw has teamed up with Improv Everywhere for a very dangerous "mission."   Read Story »
Shut up, gays. You had your turn. NEW OUTRAGE! From the Hollywood Reporter: Often divided over policy and practice, America's adoption community has unified in dismay over "Orphan," a horror movie…   Read Story »
Yesterday, Empire posted a new trailer for a horror movie called Triangle. You can watch it here. It looks pretty scary! The plot seems to be that a bunch of yuppies sail their sailboat into Scott…   Read Story »
Yesterday, Fangoria (Fangoria still exists? Nice. A round of applause for Fangoria, everybody!) released a new picture of Megan Fox looking like a demon from the upcoming movie from Diablo Cody's…   Read Story »
Kids have taken over the news today! THE NEWS GOT SLIMED. Look at this story about some kid, it's great! From the AP: SALT LAKE CITY - When he realized he'd been separated from his family on a…   Read Story »
Earlier this month, when Air France flight 447 disappeared off the coast of Brazil, it was a horrific tragedy. Total nightmare fuel. The fact that an airplane carrying 228 people who were now…   Read Story »
Penn Badgley is in a new thriller movie called The Stepfather. Here is the trailer, you guys: This looks like the single least scary movie ever made! "I've got to go down and check out those…   Read Story »
Eminem's new music video premiered on Cinemax (huh?) this weekend, you guys. Yikes. There was a time earlier in his career when Eminem used violent imagery and horror-fantasy to express pent up…   Read Story »
Oh man. Saw videogame, you guys. Right on time. "The game mechanics are just classic horror-survival." That's a sentence now. That is a thing that people say that other people…   Read Story »