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As you have probably noticed, it is Blog Law that every blog on the Internet give you their favorite scary movie to watch on Halloween. If you don't, you have to go to Blog Jail! And then another…   Read Story »
It's all fun and games until some Jigsaw uses the Bluetooth Bear to call his victims. Saw XIV: Oh Yes, There Will Be Bluetooth Bear. "This Bluetooth Bear was meant to receive calls, not make…   Read Story »
I'm pretty sure if they ever wanted to make A Nightmare on Elm Street Jr. (someone, or something, is killing all the toddlers in their sleep!), they could just hire these guys. Terrifying. Also, it's…   Read Story »
Rich FourFour has created another fantastic supercut. This time it is people in horror movies unable to find cell phone reception, something that was not even possible a few years ago when we used…   Read Story »
First of all, I am SORRY about this. But that's the way it goes. Some mornings you wake up and it's a video of a cat eating all the birthday cake, and some mornings you wake up and it's this. That is…   Read Story »
What? This doesn't even make sense anymore. When Saw II came out and the poster featured two severed fingers standing up on their stumps, that was a grotesque display of well-Photoshopped body parts…   Read Story »
There are plenty of iconic movie images that capture the essence of human terror. Hitchcock alone is responsible for many of them. Janet Leigh screaming in the shower in Psycho. Carey Grant running…   Read Story »
Dear People Who Would Actually Go to a Saw-themed Haunted House, So, I heard about your haunted house. It's going to be at the Circus Circus casino in Las Vegas this October as part of a promotional…   Read Story »
Saw is fucking stupid. And I'm just going to assume that all of the sequels are equally fucking stupid. (Probably not as stupid as the Saw roller coaster, though.) Personally, I have not seen them. I…   Read Story »
You could go look at the first teaser poster for the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, OR, you could go listen to the hilarious Paul F. Tompkins bit about the guy who dresses up like Freddy Krueger…   Read Story »